Sunday, November 1, 2015

The cause of the drought in California

California has been starved from rain for over three long years, most places getting only twenty percent of normal rainfall. Of course, California isn't usually the most wet of states,ad most of it's water comes from large winter storms that fill it's reservoirs. But how can a state go three years without any rain. Any type of whether system that can do that must be pretty resilient, right?

That's exactly what it is. Coined "The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge", this high pressure system is four miles high and two thousand miles long. The high pressure area pushes storms away from California, up into Alaska and Canada, and back down into Wyoming and the Dakotas.Due to rising temperatures, this pressure system has been able to become as large as it is and stay there for as long as it has. Hopefully it will break soon and bring some much needed rain to California, but if not, they can look forward to another dry year after their winter months pass.

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  1. I like the focus of your post. You chose one particular aspect of global warming to discuss, and it was a good one. And you have some nice images. You just didn't go into enough depth with your writing. You barely even stated the case, and you didn't do much to tie it to climate change/global warming.